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Month: September 2015


The Jude Okoyes

Ifeoma and Jude Okoye. P-Square is a band-brand the nomenclature represents Peter, Paul and Jude. Paul and Peter constitute the face of the brand – they wine and dine with fame while Jude is the man behind-the-scene for Peter and…


The Dichotomy

The dichotomy. Men crave quantity; women quality sex. So in the absence of ‘quality,’ excuses take over the throne. Understanding and tolerance would sure contain the dichotomy in your sex life. Chat more to know her needs, don’t just assume!…


He’s in Love and Thinking of Marriage

Love and Marriage. He’s in love and thinking of marriage with you if he introduces you to his immediate family and encourages intimate relationship with them; this makes you know them like your family.


The Suitors of an Ideal Lady

Enjoy love and life. My ideal lady in the post The Suitors of an Ideal Lady is Doyin a 25-year-old happily married mother of one. Let’s peep into her relationship library better still gallery of suitors as a single lady.


The Kenny Ogungbes

Bolajoko and Kenny Ogungbe. This couple are one of the leading showbiz couples in Nigeria.


Your Hubby as Friend

Her hobby is her hubby. Your hubby as friend is published basically to enlighten and ginger you to start seeing and behaving towards your romantic partner as friend and lover; companion and confidante. Even if he’s 30 years older than…


Your Hubby as Daddy

Your hubby as daddy. Your hubby as daddy highlights the fact that men crave respect from their wives just as women desire affection so give him the respect he deserves. If you see him as a fatherly figure you’ll consult…

Entertainment and more

That Awkward Moment (TAM)

That Awkward Moment. That awkward moment when you were on a journey, driving and struggling to control your bowel till you get to your destination. You held on but got to a stage you couldn’t control it anymore and you’ve…


The Missing Height

The Julius Agwus on their wedding day. The height of many tall ladies are average height for men. Perhaps you saw a lady walking down the street and you appreciated her towering height.


What an Irony!

She’s single but loves dating married men. A single lady notorious for dating married men would detest sermon, articles that condemn extramarital affairs, criticise single ladies and men that date married people but wait for her to marry and see…

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