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Water is Life.

Water is lifeWater is life, so essential!

Water is life, life is water. Water makes up over 70 per cent of the earth similarly about 60 per cent of the human adult body composition is water. We get water from the food we eat, we also hydrate our system from the copious amount we drink directly. Our intake of beverage which is predominantly water is phenomenal.

Life is basically water and God had to break its monopoly at creation.

Water is life and it’s used domestically in cleaning, we tax water when we wash our dishes, brush our teeth, take our bath, do the laundry. Water is given employment letter when we wash our bath tubs, WCs, mop the floor and the like.

You wash your fruits and vegetables with copious amount of water to get rid of dirt, germs and make them fit for consumption. Just as water cleans the external environment, it does same in our internal environments (bodies) Water cleanse your body in-and-out.

The good news is that the cleansing process gets rid of toxins in your body. To stay clean internally drink lots of water on a daily basis, to stay clean externally employ the services of water.

Clean and fresh internal and external environments give you sound health but remember the ageless role model Moderacy and observe her instructions to the letter. Water is life, who thinks otherwise?


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