Empathy Vs Sympathy

EmpathyHealthcare providers empathise!

There’s a major difference between sympathy and empathy. Empathy vs Sympathy. Sympathy is an emotional feeling toward somebody based on how we feel the person is feeling; it’s a surface feeling and hence tends to proffer surface or short-term solutions.

However, empathy is a deep feeling we have for someone out of direct, or indirect experience through the ability to experience deeper connection with the feelings of an individual.

Either way it’s an intellectual response which has the capacity to proffer long-term solution. Sympathy is an emotional reaction; empathy an intellectual response. The mouse that saw its favourite sibling caught in a hunter’s trap and runs to get ointment is sympathising. Empathy Vs Sympathy.

The mother on the other hand quickly mobilized giant rats with enough muscles to make 50 Cent go envy and as such compete with grasses. The rats of course lifted the snare and set the mouse free.

Now that’s what? Yeah, empathy! Of course the injured mouse was quickly rushed to the nearest health facility for prompt medical attention. The Golden Rule is the blueprint of empathy. Putting yourself in the shoes of others by asking, “If I were this person in all honesty what would I have wanted?”

Healthcare professionals don’t sympathise, they empathise! I’m sure this post, Empathy Vs Sympathy will make you prefer empathy to sympathy.

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