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Womb Transplant and Surrogacy

surrogacySurrogate mother and intended parents.

Who says you’ll be childless for life because of your damaged womb?

God is using science to perform miracles in our contemporary world. Womb transplant and Surrogacy are not new medical practices but regular science inventions and innovations are changing the definitions, perceptions of infertility in marriage.

Gone are the days when women with absent, damaged or diseased wombs date, dine and possibly die in bitterness, no thanks to childlessness! But not any more! In fact I learnt that research is ongoing and very soon wombs would be cultured (grown) in the lab though customised for each recipient.

It’s no longer news that the Swedish woman who underwent womb transplant surgery had given birth – the first womb transplant baby. What an epoch in medical science!

Apart form womb transplant, surrogacy is another alternative to infertility. Surrogacy is the medical procedure whereby a woman volunteers to carry to terms the baby of couple having fertility issues and their seeds are subsequently introduced into her.

Financial rewards may be the motivation for some women who surrogate but it could be basically compassion. Surrogacy is common amongst Indian women.

Womb Transplant and Surrogacy are medical alternatives for couples seeking to have their own kids after several attempts to achieve same.

Womb transplant and surrogacy says a lot about the revolutionary and dynamic nature of science!


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