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That Awkward Moment (TAM)

That awkward momentThat Awkward moment.

That awkward moment when your lecturer threw a question at you of which you have little or no idea but decided to run your mouth like an orator maybe a newscaster. That awkward moment when you wanted to impress your new-catch who doubled as classmate.

You engaged your vocal chords but lost fuel midair. Anxiety, the ugly bully emerged from the bunker. That awkward moment when you knew your fuel was exhausted for you had little or no fuel in your tank but decided to fly.

You did fly but came crashing right there on the floor of the lecture hall. Refuse. Gibberish. Rubbish. Noisome spill from your mouth. What a pity! Uproarious laughter exploded and you scratched your cheek and chin, chin and cheek in that order.

You looked in her direction and she threw a look at you which says, “You’re a big fool! ‘No idea’ would have saved you lots of headache and heartache. If you want to know I’m more embarrassed than you are.”

Why would you give people free wifi to upload their jeers and boos to torment you? It’s like buying big embarrassment with big money.

Moral: Honesty is golden, it’s good to be true. Don’t try to impress when you’re quite empty.


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