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Today at the EPL

EPL-LogoEnglish Premier League (EPL)

Man city tops the EPL table with 15 points from 6 matches; Man United is second with 13 points; West Ham have 12 points same with Leicester City but the former have superior goal margin, nonetheless Leicester (till date) remains the only unbeaten side of the EPL.

The EPL Results of last week Sunday:

Tottenham Hotspurs 1-0 Crystal Palace

Liverpool 1-1 Norwich

Southampton 2-3 Man United

Today’s Fixtures:

Tottenham Hotspurs v Man City

City trounced Sunderland 4-1 mid week while Tottenham lost by a narrow margin (2-1) to Gunners. The mid-week victory might motivate Citizens to triumph at White Hart Lane but the loss could propel Tottenham to a victory or possibly share the spoils. Red cards (at times) do relight the fighting spirits of the deficient team it sometimes however kill their morale, same with victory or loss.

Leicester City v Arsenal

I don’t see the host losing therefore I feel Arsenal might go back to the Emirates with a point but 90 minutes is the most accurate judge!

Liverpool v Aston Villa

Liverpool would be passionate about 3 points today having had just 1 point in their last game but would Aston Villa go sleeping at Anfield? Resourcefulness and effectiveness would likely determine the outcome of this contest.

Man United v Sunderland

Sunderland have been struggling for some seasons now and sometimes they escaped flood waters by the whiskers! Would Man united turn them to another barbecue? Maybe, maybe not!

Southampton v Swansea

Who took the fighting spirit of Swansea? I know not! Let’s wait and see perhaps they’ve got back their groove!

Stoke v Bournemouth

Will Stoke capitalize on their home advantage to give Bournemouth some strokes of the cane? Time will tell!

West Ham v Norwich

The hammers usually go hunting the big boys with their sledge hammers; I hope they won’t forget to use their weapons as they host Norwich?

Newcastle v Chelsea

I see a rejuvenated Chelsea but Newcastle had proven to know the password of Chelsea of recent but 90 minutes will tell if they’ve not forgotten that password!


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