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That Awkward Moment (TAM)

That Awkward Moment That Awkward Moment.

That awkward moment when you were on a journey, driving and struggling to control your bowel till you get to your destination. You held on but got to a stage you couldn’t control it anymore and you’ve got to answer the call of nature. That awkward moment when your mind says, “Boss, stop the car and alight NOW otherwise ….”

You parked the car at the roadside and jumped out as if your groin was on fire maybe a scorpion just gave you an injection on your penalty spot. You entered the bush, stripped and squatted to release the convict terrorizing you. Bombshell! Prrrraaaaaaaaa!

You were almost through when you heard a ruffle in the undergrowth. You looked left, right and left like a kid trying to cross the road only to behold a farmer, the plantation owner peering at you like the most wanted criminal.

You were initially relaxed, after all you almost doubled his size but then you saw something dangling at his side only to take a closer look. A dane gun looking at you with the corners of his eyes.

You were pretty sure he was tired of resting and thirsty for blood. You thought you heard the gun say, “I’m a specialist in blood letting!” and your heart somersaulted twenty times in one second! Sweat broke lose and overran it’s bank. Tsunami! “What are you doing there?” the farmer asked hungrily, angrily. “I’m … hmmm, sorry… I wanted to … I’ve cholera, chronic pile ….”

What happened in the end? I don’t know but I’m sure something similar to this once happened to someone, somewhere!

We’ve all had awkward moments in life! Think back can you recollect any? Oh that awkward moment!    


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