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Crystal Palace v West Bromwich Albion (Second-half started some minutes back and still goalless)

Crystal Palace went to Watford last weekend to punched them in the face. Watford 0-1 Crystal Palace, West Bromwich Albion on the other hand were defeated by Everton in their last match. In fact Liverpool came from 2-0 down to win the match. Would that be a big lesson for the visitors? Time will surely tell!

Bournemouth v Watford

Last result of Bournemouth: Stoke City 2-1 Bournemouth. The implication of that result is that Bournemouth lost 3 maximum points to Stoke City who hosted and roasted them. Would they have their pound of flesh today? Would they be merciless to Watford who lost (as well) 3 points to Crystal Palace. The two teams were stripped of 3 points last weekend and I’m sure they won’t fancy the idea of losing another today but would they share the spoils? Relax and enjoy the match and in the end you will access the result firsthand.

Aston Villa v Stoke City

Liverpool lord it over Villa last weekend: Liverpool 3-2 Aston Villa. This should propel Aston Villa to fight Stoke City like pretty hungry but slightly injured lion. Stoke City may however take their time, calculate and consolidate on their victories.

Manchester City v Newcastle United

Manchester City lost 6 points in two games. They fought and forced West Ham United to defend aggressively two weeks ago but bowed humbly at White Hart Lane last weekend. The game with Spurs was unusually characterised with aerial balls, unfortunately no Edin Gzeko not even Wilfried Bony but Kun Aguero who wasn’t gifted in the height department. I pray City wouldn’t regret the departure of Edin Gzeko, a tall and resourceful striker any day.

City sure have proven time and over again to have the formula that solves the riddle of Newcastle United but would they maintain the status quo today? Perhaps Newcastle have changed their password and now have access to City’s. Few hours from now will clue us.

Norwich City v Leicester City

The Gunners took their arsenals to Leicester and didn’t forget them in the dressing-room. They demolished unbeaten Leicester 5-2 and went back to the Emirates with 3 maximum points jubilating and celebrating.

I was surprised, in fact my prediction wasn’t an accidental discharge: I misfired big time! Would that Leicester’s undoing bring out the weapons buried deep down in them.

Norwich visited West Ham last weekend. They received two blows from the sledge hammer of the Hammers. West Ham’s net was stripped naked on two occasions and in the end they shared the spoils. Talking about sharing of points would these two teams be at par after 90 minutes?

Sunderland v West Ham

Sunderland surrendered to Man United last weekend after receiving 3 bullets and losing 3 points in the process. They bled out of Old Trafford. Sunderland seem to be (practically) giving every EPL team 3 points. However, West Ham mustn’t be too confident they will harvest their 3 points today. So far the Hammers have proven to be strong with strong teams and indifferent with smaller teams.

Chelsea v Southampton

Chelsea drew with Newcastle: 2-2 last weekend. Would they entertain the visitors with 3 points today? Better still will Southampton give them 3-points gift for accommodating them? Don’t forget however that Southampton swallowed Swansea last weekend: Southampton 3-1 Swansea. Would they divide their resources equally? Maybe, maybe not!


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