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Top Biracial Celebs in Nigeria

Lola-Omotayo-OkoyeLola Omotayo-Okoye. Smashing and dashing.

Biracial people are mines of beauty. They are exotic products from combinations of two races. The top biracial celebs in Nigeria are: Lilian Bach with parents from Nigeria and Poland; Eku Edewor-Thorney: Nigeria and England; Caroline Danjuma – Nigeria and Scotland; Lola Omotayo-Okoye, Nigeria and Russia. Tania Omotayo-Teller and many others.

More pictures if you continue.

Some of these top biracial celebs in Nigeria are models after all they’ve got the looks and the brains. Some are happily-married while others are looking forward to that major life event.

They are all enlightened and polished. Smart, gorgeous and stylish describe them!

Beautiful people make life worth dreaming; wonderful people make life worth living. If you’re beautiful make life worth living as well!

These celebs are full of life. Their lifestyles wine in spotlight.

Eku EdeworEku Edewor-Thorney. Fabulous and gorgeous.Caroline DanjumaCaroline Danjuma. Bright and bold.

Tania OmotayoTania Omotayo-Teller. Stylish and skittish.

LilianLilian Bach. Beautiful and colourful.


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