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Pot v Kettle

Pot and kettlePot v Kettle.

Pot v Kettle talks about the contest between pot and kettle back in the day. Yeah the age of firewood as source of energy for cooking.

If carbon (soot) were money who would be richer between Pot and kettle?

Pot claims she’d have been Africa’s Aliko Dangote because she could do virtually all what kettle does and much more which implies more time spent on fire which translates to more soot coating!

Kettle on the other hand said if pot were Dangote then she’d have become Bill Gates because she would have been the one executing the various business deals of Pot.

Reason? Nobody would transact business with a dirty, unkempt person. Alas, pot v kettle!

Pot v kettle telegraphs the idea of perceiving the world from the angle of one’s interest and of course blowing one’s trumpet loudest.


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