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That Awkward Moment (TAM)

TAM manToo embarrassing to be disclosed as the most embarrassing moment.

Mr. Peters was a businessman and always on the move but he stays in touch with his family via GSM and social media.

He feels guilty many times but usually numb his conscience with the fact that he was working and busy for the welfare of his family. He tried to maintain balance between work and family and often communicates with them via Skype. His wife, Ife was carrying their second child and had a month to go.

He had a business deal in Dubai and had to travel to same where he spent 7 months and at the end of his stay he gave himself 3 days leave and finally came back home. He’d planned to spend the 3 days at home with his family.

He came back tired that evening and before he woke up in the morning his driver had chauffeured his son, Dele to school so he called the driver and gave him 2 days break.

In the afternoon he drove to Dele’s school to pick him but unfortunately he met with embarrassment, rejection, dejection …. Dele couldn’t fix where he had met him (his dad) and he communicated this to his teacher right away.

The school security came at once but Mr. Peters wasn’t able to convince him that he was Dele’s biological father. He called his wife and she missed his calls; he dialled the driver’s no and he didn’t pick after all he’d told him to ignore his calls should he per chance dialled his line.

The proprietress had called the police and in less than 2 minutes 2 police officers had emerged – their  station was just 500m away anyway.

“Oga, na you dey kidnap school pupils for Lagos and its environs! God don catch you today!” one of the police officers accused Mr. Peters.

Mr. Peters knew the truth would prevail in the end but was scared of many things – newspapers, rumour-mongers, gossip magazines, nicknames, scandal …      

He was angry, mortified and suddenly transformed to a river pouring out sweat. His heart began to relay and revolt, shouting and screaming, his mouth went dry, his head banged no thanks to the sledge hammer called headache hitting his head, brains and skull.

He was pressed, his bladder ran full and roared and he heard the intimidating sound in his ears which became a talking drum. He opened his mouth to say something and prove his innocence but words had absconded leaving him to his own fate.

He feared his own shadows and wanted to abscond from himself …. That Awkward Moment (TAM) always on this channel: olayemiogunojo.com


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