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Collete Nwadike. Exquisite Face of the Universe 2015

Collete 9 Queen Collete Nwadike simply saying Merry Christmas to you all!

Collete – Miss Tourism Nigeria 2014 and Exquisite Face of the Universe 2015: the first ever Black Queen to win the International Beauty Pageant.

(more pix and info if you proceed)

Collete 1Collete Nwadike inviting you to the Garden City of Port Harcourt (PH) Just as Texas is the formidable oil and gas city in the US, PH boasts of same here. The economic hub and one of the  most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

Collete 2Collete is Green. White. Green. We’re Nigeria. We’re beautiful, intelligent and diligent. Nwadike is a university graduate who majored in English Language and Literature, a lover and avid reader of books.

Collete 3Collete Nwadike’s soft smile is synonymous with our beautiful culture, wonderful landscape and breathtaking tourist sites. Anambra (southeast Nigeria) is her state of origin.

Collete 4Nature is next door in Nigeria. The most populous black nation on earth.

Collete 6Nigerian, land of courageous people. Collete contested in many beauty pageants and didn’t win but never gave up. Right from her days as an undergraduate on Nnamdi Azikwe University campus to state level, national and international which she won. Giving up on feasible dreams in life isn’t an option to us on this site.

Collete 7Collete is pretty, young, intelligent and mature for her age (23)

Collete 8Africa with diverse peoples, various languages, vast tourist sites, is indeed the tourism capital of the world!

Now you know who Collete Nwadike is. Welcome to Nigeria!



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