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That Awkward Moment (TAM)

PTATAM at the PTA meeting.

The Head Teacher of A-to-Z Elementary School was addressing parents at the PTA on the need to nurture and meet the holistic needs of their children so that they can turn out to become well-rounded adults that their parents and society would be proud of.

She spoke on all areas of child development, talked about hygiene, love, faith … etiquette. She addressed parents on how to prevent, correct and maintain healthy habits in their children.

She substantiated her argument and advised parents on the need to stop to their kids from embracing habits like nose picking, nail biting and to learn to say Thank you, I’m sorry, Excuse me, Please …. when dealing with people in diverse situations.

“My children are role models and ambassadors to other children in my extended family, school, neighbourhood … because I was detailed in training and tutoring them. They tell other children to stop nail biting and nose picking. They know when and where to say thank you, please and the like. In fact if my daughter sees you picking your nose she will regard you with horrible eyes and wonder what’s wrong with you ….”

As she was talking (pontificating to some members of her audience) her 4-year-old daughter emerged from nowhere and was walking towards her mum – the speaker. When she got to the platform where her mum was, she dipped her tiny finger into her nose, removed the snot and went ahead to dip in her mouth.

The audience looked at the poor girl with ludicrous eyes, her mum with ridiculous eyes and burst into an uproarious laughter. Out of the blue came a sledge hammer which dealt the speaker a terrible blow and she almost collapsed.

She looked at her daughter, sister, audience, chairman of the occasion … and embarrassment was too much to describe her feelings … her eyes searched for her hubby’s and as they met, she saw his eyes red-hot, flaming and accusing.

She bowed down her head in shame, her feet became too heavy for her to carry and sweat, the uninvited guest took over her brow …. That Awkward Moment (TAM) always on this channel: olayemiogunojo.com

In rounding off – the poor girl actually came to report what she saw to her mum but because she didn’t want to disturb her she decided to gesticulate what she saw and the need for her mum to attend and possibly punish, polish and refine the bush boy!


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