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Day 2, Week 28 (EPL) Results and Review

juanmata-Late Juan Mata set piece-goal was decisive and earned the Red Devils the maximum 3 points.

Stoke City 1-0 Newcastle: the Potters struggled at the beginning of the season same with Spurs. Stoke City however lost 3 matches with Stoke conceding three goals in each loss without scoring a single goal in return – 9 goals debt and deficit! In other words they conceded 9 goals in three matches and if not for that singular fact Stoke should be amongst the title contenders.

Arsenal 1-2 Swansea: the Swans defeated Arsenal at the Emirates. I felt the propensity for these players to share the spoils was higher than either winning but in the end Swans won.

West Ham 1-0 Tottenham: the Hammers are really hot this season. They are one of the biggest predators of big teams this season and the latter lost several pints of blood in the hands of the Hammers. Fate seems to be in favour of Leicester for when Man City had the opportunity to go on top of the Foxes weeks back they blew the opportunity; Spurs had similar opportunity two nights ago but suffered similar fate.

Any of the top 4 clubs are potential league winners but Man City I felt the biggest threat to Leicester but unfortunately 10 points is separating the two sides though the Citizens have one outstanding match with Newcastle.

Man City was not able to usurp the silverware from Chelsea last season because the gulf between them was intimidating. Therefore when City became dramatically motivated (as usual) as the season was rounding off the Citizens couldn’t meet up.

Chelsea lost 7 points in their last 6 matches but Man City won all. Arsenal lost 9 points, Man United lost 13 points and Spurs lost 8 points. Man City in the end stripped Arsenal of the 2nd position.

Now what saved Chelsea from City last season is gradually unfolding between City and the Foxes.

Liverpool 3-0 Man City: the loss to the Reds is understandable but the score line is worse for serious title contenders. Liverpool successfully had their pound of flesh. Kudos to the Reds!

Man United 1-0 Watford: Man United escaped narrowly and reaped 3 points in consequence. I felt these guys would share the spoils but they proved me wrong in the end.


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