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Your Beliefs

challenge-your-beliefsYour beliefs at times could be ticking time bomb.

Your beliefs could make or mar you so what do you believe or disbelieve? Did you know that your beliefs say a lot about your personality!

Danladi Danlami was an interstate commercial bus driver who believes so much in the efficacy of the potion Baba Alakija in Ikeja gave him. Big insurance against HIV and other STIs, right?

But if the charm fails to kill spermatozoa and couldn’t stop you from getting a woman pregnant, don’t you think it may similarly fail to protect you from STIs?

He likes point-and-kill pineapple peculiar to pineapple merchants (in many parts of Lagos) who sell pineapple on wheelbarrow,  and point-and-kill pepper soup joints in any town or city he finds himself.

So he calls his sexperiments touch-and-hammer, because he doesn’t use contraceptives and often says, “How could you sellotape your tongue and expect to enjoy your meals?”

Alas! How could you have so much faith in a man like you who possibly became an overnight herbalist to escape poverty?

Beware of HIV and AIDS!

Kofi James was an armed-robber and psychopath of class. He believes so much in the charm and amulet Mensah (AKA King-Kong Don) gave him so much so that his ‘immunity’ makes him rob in broad daylight with impunity and would have loved to confront and slap security agents unarmed, before, during or after robbery operations but for the fact that he could be arrested.

After all if bullets failed to find accommodation in his body he could be nabbed and finally find accommodation in prison.


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