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Meet Ebony Beauties.

Adenike II Adenike Adetunji.

♦Ebony complexion is natural, lovely, calm and friendly. I sure have weakness for ebony complexion but that’s not to say I’m indifferent about other complexions. Our respondents are dark-skinned though they profile diverse shades of ebony.

So what do our ebony beauties cherish most about their dark complexion?♦

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Banke AlomajaAdebanke Alomaja.

TopeTemitope T. Dasaolu.

IfeIfeoluwa Kumolu.

Camera 360

Adenike Adetunji.

“The most beautiful thing about my ebony skin is that I don’t have to spend exorbitant money on its maintenance. My skin is also tolerant and accommodating so I don’t have to keep changing cosmetics in order to maintain its stability in terms of health, glow and radiance!” Ifeoluwa Kumolu.

“People cherish my ebony-skin a lot, and of course my complexion mirrors my race and nationality.” Adebanke Alomaja.

“Ebony complexion is natural and beautiful and ebony skins don’t lie; fair skin maybe beautiful from distance but at close range it may not. Ebony complexion protects its skin from harsh weather and hardly reacts to cosmetics so I don’t have to be finicky or panicky about skin products so I’m not selective as far as cosmetics are concerned.” Adenike Adetunji.

“Ebony complexion is unique and natural, what you see is what you get. Ebony skin can’t be achieved cosmetically but that’s not true with fair skins. Anybody could be fair-skinned but not anybody can be dark-skinned. Ebonies are straight from God’s factory!” Temitope Tabitha Dasaolu.

♦Expect the male version in due course! Lovely weekend to you all!♦


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