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Social Media Drama (SMD).

Fathia WilliamsNollywood actress Fathia Williams (of recent) relayed her bitter experience of impostors intruding and impersonating her brand and personality.

The SMD of today highlights happenings around us. There are many impostors on social media mimicking celebs and other public figures, therefore be wary of the deals you embark on and engage them online.

It’s the age of pictures and with the click of the mouse impostors could access pictures of public figures which they display on their social media accounts to dupe unsuspecting members of the  public!

Hey look at the students union president bragging to his girlfriend, “B-a-b-e, reaching out to Stage fright-2-craft  wasn’t difficult at all. With my contacts and connections it was mince meat. You’ll see him live and direct at our get-together next week.”

Hear him bluffing, and blowing his kakaki  to his colleagues, “Comrades, Fright-2-craft will be at our show next week. He billed us just 250K which I sent to his account today. So relax let your bile kiss bliss and smile like Illbliss. We bagged it big this time!”

In few days the SU president would know the difference between the real and fake Fright-2-craft. The 250K was withdrawn immediately by the impostor. That kind of money is never allowed to rest it must instantly go on vacation!

Alas the SU president many voted for because of his smartness and intelligence had been outsmarted! But such is life. The one who feels he’s very smart would be outwitted, the one who outwits would be outsmarted!

Who can stand and label himself Smart? Apologies to all those bearing the name! Now Foolish is staring unblinkingly at Mr. President some may even call him fool to his face. Money gone, popularity buried, impeachment looming!

The celeb in question would have his or her share of the whole mess as well but may come out clean in the long run.

Beware of celebs on social media!


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