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Attaining vs Maintaining Fame.

James James.

“Maintaining fame is more difficult though attaining same is no child’s play. To attain fame you need the right set of people, right connect and network, if you don’t have influential network it could translate to an adventure of wild goose chase. So you need the right people at the right time and phase to connect with fame but maintaining it involves lots and loads of sacrifices.”

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James believes he’s got to be diligent and smart to achieve fame for he wasn’t born into same. Hear him as he rounds off,

“It takes your time, consumes your energy and you must not have reference in the course called Meeting Up to Expectations; you must impress people which could depress you in the long run; you make money but you spend the money you’re making … but if you were Femi Otedola’s daughter or a Kardashian you’ve got fame handed to you on a platter of gold.”  James: final-year undergraduate, University of Ibadan.

NafisatNafisat Raji.

“Maintaining fame is more difficult because fame gathers eyes around and focuses them on you. People become very sensitive to you, and like the golden fish which has no hiding place you’re scanned so you need enough positive virtues to avoid scandal and to maintain that fame.” Raji Nafisat, a counselor in-training.


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