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‘Sharpening of Tools.’

paragaParaga is the local version of Viagra mostly consumed by artisans and transporters.

Performance-enhancement drugs are not peculiar to sports, sex as well!

Many years ago a man perhaps in his late 50s in Okota a suburb of Lagos downed some shots of paraga, picked up his phone and called his mistress to come meet him at home ….

Hey he just sharpened his tool,” a bus conductor, Ibro (AKA Shadow) voiced heartily at the motor-park. Perhaps like the housewife sharpening her knife to enhance the performance of her old and loyal tool in the kitchen.

I heard Dr. Gbadamosi saying, “The man deserves red card and two-year ban.” Please temper justice with mercy!

In situations of sexual dysfunction see your healthcare giver for it could be symptoms of an underlying ill-health!

Don’t forget adequate exercise and rest, consumption of fruits and vegetables, lots of water intake, sleep and balanced meals will enhance your performance in bed and far better than drugs.

Paraga’s code in reality is para e with paraga!


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