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The Parrot Called Time.

parrotTime is a parrot it must Google and gossip.

Time will surely tell, after all the parrot in time is a chatterbox it will definitely voice!

Pick your old magazines maybe newspaper you’ll read about issues being denied or debunked but later turned out to be true!

Many celebs, socialites, politicians … who debunked various allegations of them dating someone are now married to the same person they said they never knew let alone date. Maybe it was a looming divorce …

Perhaps an interview of a businessman maybe an entertainment celeb of his dwindling fame and fortune, relevance in the entertainment industry and he debunked it assertively almost aggressively where is the actor or musician making waves in the same entertainment now?

What am I saying? Every rumour has an iota of truth though not every rumour in every case after all no hard-and-fast rule in life!

By extension the student who has been winning yeah, wining and dinning with first class from Day 1 (Year One) but keeps denying for reasons best known to him, convocation would expose him, good news though!

The employee dating her married boss but keeps denying it … don’t worry oga madam’s ears will pick the signal and before they tear she will come over, boil and eventually bless you with boil ejaculating pus right there in your office and people will gather but no bouncer to stop them.

Time may use the ally called misunderstanding between the lovers … possibly pregnancy and baby mama status or marriage would Google her skills  to her colleagues and the world at large.

Do good and feel great if you don’t the parrot called time will catch up with you as well as expose you!


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