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Painful Pleasure.

Peep Toe Navy wedges, Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley, £tk Solution 'Silicone Toe Caps'
Her behaviour shows she’s resourceful. (Pic: dailymail.co.uk)

Many times in life we please one aspect of our personality (perhaps mind) while simultaneously displeasing another (maybe body).

Can you recollect that  Christmas shoes as a young girl and how it gave you many injections on the street, in the car and in church but you dare not show any sign of pains.

You want people to know you’re putting on brand new and fitting shoes so you tolerate the pains and smiled intermittently.

Smiling but suffering!

Not only kids experience this, adults as well. In fact an adult reading this could be experiencing same right now.

Mr Bombata had to give out his shoes for they were too tight and often give him 210 injections in 21 minutes – without solving any problem unlike the one that ‘lives’ in the hospital and other medical facilities. Too bad!

It once happened to many of us and not new!

Now do you know that love is like that as well?

It’s full of pleasures as well as pressures; gains laced with pains so don’t think romantic relationships are bed of roses! You’ll hurt your partner and (s)he will hurt you!

You need patience, tolerance and understanding to navigate love and life.

That’s life so learn to adjust and adapt.

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