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Religion as Salutation.

prophet-go-fakeyeLate Prophet GO Fakeye. Former GO of C&S Church movement worldwide. A religious leader I respected so much for his religious tolerance.

Religion is ‘salutation’ and salutation isn’t salvation so never a ticket to heaven.

Analogy: I’ve seven children who pay me homage in seven different ways – each in his own unique way. One prostrates, another salutes, the third squat to greet me; the fourth bows, the fifth hugs me, another greets me with warm pecks and my last child kneels to greet me. The salutations they exhibit they learnt from their various guardians.

God won’t judge you because you practice the salutation you inherited from your parents or guardian but will judge you by your intentions yeah motivations not actions! Furthermore, criminal justice system place premium on intentions more than actions.

A policeman who kills a notorious armed-robber is a hero never a criminal; nobody will dismiss him let alone charge to court. He sent the nuisance out of life to keep innocent and law-abiding citizens in life yes the criminal is a big threat to lives and limbs!

Omolara’s friend, Adejoke drinks heavily and while pregnant she (Adejoke) didn’t let her mouth go on vacations. In fact she became more daring and adventurous so believe me if I say she could empty a brewery so Omolara had to divulge the secret to her husband who stays abroad and went further to clue him on the need to let his sister come stay with Adejoke ….

She disclosed that to preserve the mind, body and soul of the baby in the womb.

Omolola on the other hand divulged the secret to her friend’s husband not out of empathy for the baby in the womb but bad blood. She hated her friend’s marriage and wanted to cause trouble to destroy her home.

Now if your husband complains about the state of your home 24/7 whether the home is tidy or not then something different entirely is responsible.

“Woman this is a home not a house I want my girl to grow up in a very clean environment. Cleanliness is next to godliness and I’m sure your teacher taught you that in elementary school likewise your parents!”

At another time he complained that the home was too tidy and voiced assertively, “Hey woman, this house is too clean and tidy, did you forget we have a toddler in this home … so why expend energy making this vicinity spic and span when you can use same energy on something worthwhile, jobless machine!”

Now your hubby wasn’t nagging because of a tidy or untidy home but because he was a talented nag, award-winning cynic! Critic with asterisk.

Therefore if the members of your religion (I don’t know your religion anyway) won’t make heaven because of atrocity same with others who don’t belong to your religion regardless of how saintly they are or not then religion isn’t what makes people go to hell or heaven but evil!

We belong to the society called humanity now appreciate God by loving your neighbor as yourself not tormenting or discriminating on the basis of religion!

My religion is to love and serve God, and humanity whatever name you call it you labelled it as such!


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