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Church not C-h-u-r-c-h!

churchChurch-going habit is good, great.

‘Church not C-h-u-r-c-h’ highlights the fact that church membership and attendance are nothing if we refused to imbibe Godly virtues but everything if we practice what the Bible preaches.

Nigeria is a highly religious nation yet her people are specialists in corruption and diverse atrocities. If we access God’s house regularly we’re likely to encounter God, His mercy, blessings and miracles.

But motivations are behind actions. So do you attend church to meet with God or for undisclosed reasons?

Do you practice what you hear on the pulpit?

Do you practice what you preach?

Being religious is different from being Godly and much as church-going is nice, good, awesome we need to bring the church into our various minds.

In other words do we attend the church in our various minds? Are we good or pretending to be good? Are we at peace with our conscience?

May God bless Nigeria and grant us the peace we crave in our world!


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