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The Jealous Wife.

the-jealous-wifeJealousy is the by-product of insecurity and low self-esteem.

She’s Mrs. Temilade Aboderin Kekere-Ekun married to Mr. Odewole Kekere-Ekun. She’s a ‘politician’ and played her politics perfectly culminating in her husband changing his PA from a woman to a man.

She often tells her friend, “How can a woman be my husband’s PA? I should be the president of his heart and the closest woman to him in this life. Men are not to be trusted with women so don’t ever put a pot of milk beside a cat in coma at the hospital!”

Temilade calls her husband at least 6 times from 8am to 6pm not to find out about his welfare but to let him feel she’s closely watching his moves as well as use the opportunity to ward off real or perceived maybe potential rivals so when she calls she listens attentively to pick any female voice vibrating silently in the background.

If there was a device (sex meter) that monitors and reveals sexual activities of one’s partner she would have installed on her husband to prevent his third leg from any possible jailbreak and forestall the possibility of it becoming an illegal immigrant searching for ‘greener pastures’ in an unknown land.

She usually access his phones before allowing him access her body though she notoriously makes the first moves.

She drops unannounced at his office, steals into his study at night and goes through his briefcase searching for nothing, something and everything!

This housewife in question perceives her husband’s clothes before doing his laundry to search for any scent or other traits peculiar to women. Furthermore she painstakingly and microscopically scan his shirt’s especially the collar for strands of female hair.

She’s notorious for her importunate sex demands to exhaust him and prevent him from infidelity. Domestic World war? Yeah Temilade religiously fights her mother in-law until the poor woman vowed never to stepped into their home again.

To add insult to injury, anytime her husband threatens to divorce her or marry another woman, she threatens him with suicide.

“See before I kill myself I’ll make a suicide video and post to all social media and then alert your bosses, friends, family, colleagues … I’ll also make sure President Trump no Obama and Gen. Mohammadu Buhari access it before I finally kill myself.”


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