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All that Glitters is not Gold.

disappointed young woman with glassesMany times in life we get what we want but don’t want what we got in the long run. How pathetic!

The drama (disappointment) on that face (image) may show up on yours while on a trip (from Calabar to Port Harcourt) if you selectively chose a bus because of its attractive body and looks. Perhaps her skin was very fresh maybe the seat had got enough ‘curves’ and you felt you’d likely sleep all through the journey hey it’s got only perfect body not engine!

In the course of your journey the commercial bus slumbered, slept and snored time and time again and many vehicles overtook you including the one you saw at the motor-park and had labelled lame snail. You even told the driver, “Your bus will get to Port-Harourt after 23 hours,” but the driver didn’t hear because your mind said it not voice!

Alas, a lorry carrying firewood on its head and even tummy and so couldn’t cheetah but snail, overtook your bus as well so you expressed the protesting thoughts (chanting solidarity forever … solidarity forever  … in your mind) through your face.

Things like that happen in life but don’t forget the lessons, for they are role models.

Perhaps Shade chose Shogo over Shola because Shogo was rich but Shola was penniless, jobless but not hopeless. Shade knew Shogo was a rogue and Shola was her best option for he was good, sensitive, sensible and God-fearing but voted for money and so Shogo became the president of her heart. Alas!

Six months into Shade’s marriage things turned from good to bad and five months later it changed from bad to worse so much so that Shogo put his house up for sale and the person that turned out to buy the property was no other but Shola who had turned to a prolific real estate investor!

Life is a teacher and we are her children!  


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