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Voices at Weddings (VAW).

the-ojiresThe Ojires on their wedding day. Esther, the bride is Nollywood actress and Philip, the groom is a video director.

Thoughts are voices too, though internal, they travel  along our minds’ highway.

Now, let’s access the remaining thoughts going through the minds of people at (Bubu 2016).

Bunmi Weds Bunmi – Bubu 2016.

Bunmi is ideally a Yoruba name peculiar to the female gender though some males bear the name.

Bunmi (groom) was a struggling real estate agent pursuing his Ph.D while his bride, Bunmi was an HND holder and a Year II student of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and a tailor who operates from her house.

Her brother who happens to be an artist … does the sketching for her. Bunmi wasn’t the type that rests on her oars so she’s receiving instructions and gradually transforming to a fashion designer of note.

The bride and groom had waited for 12 months hoping that things will get better but never did so they decided to take the bull by the horn by getting married and weathering whatever storm life throws at them.

I’ve highlighted the thoughts of the bride, the groom and bride’s mum in past episode so let’s check the remaining this week.

Their diverse thoughts:

Groom’s mum (Labake): How can someone with Master’s degree be a struggling estate agent? He’s got source of income but not stable source of income. He’s not a big estate agent and not small either. I told him to mix with up with estate agents with mobile offices maybe I should brand them, ‘My leg, my office.’

Those boys make more money yet they’ve got no office, they only rely on networking and partnership with other agents. They collect money for calls, transport-fare even money for voice from their clients and finally get their commission from rented apartments.

Some of them return home with 3k at times, 5k sometimes without securing apartments for clients so in times of drought which could last 3 to 5 days they’re still buoyant. My son won’t do that – he believes he’s a big man.

He is anyway, a PhD student at that but his income isn’t stable at all. He made 270k three months ago and may not make 30k in another three. His wife has NCE yet no job anyway she gets crumbs from her fashion business. Her case: My home, my office. God you never put me to shame please don’t in my children’s case.

Bride’s dad Ademola): Oh Lord thank you for this special day, for health, healing and longevity I’m 56 but I know I’ll live to be 96 maybe 106 or 116, I’m not bribing but thanking you in advance.

My daughter had been a good girl right from the time I carried her in the hospital (when she was less than 2000 seconds old) till date. I’m highly impressed. The 3 plots of land I inherited from my late father 15 years ago I’ll sell and lend them the money so that my son in-law and daughter would put to good use. I’ve been advised not to erect any property on that land so I’ll sell and lend my children the money to establish their lives after all their success is mine and mine, theirs and of course I’ve got two other landed properties! I’m actually giving them the money but I’ll use ‘lend’ to protect and preserve the ego of my son in-law.

Groom’s dad (Fola): This is the day the Lord has made and we’d rejoice and be glad in it. At long last my son Bunmi is getting married! The economy is bad; times are hard but my children must not only survive but succeed. I’ll release one of my three cars for their use, I can’t allow my children to be roaming the streets with legs not in this dusty weather or any other time. I won’t allow dust to be rubbing brown powder on the shoes of my children while I’m breathing even when I’m gone God will not allow it!

By the way dust had taken over government and you see them everywhere – outdoor, indoors even my electronic gadgets and furniture must pay homage everyday but we also overthrow them on a daily basis! Now God the maker and owner of dust let the blessings for my children be much more.

Bolu (groom’s ex): (looking downcast) My Bunmi is jobless, same with his stupid wife but they were blindfolded by foolhardiness which also pushed them into highway marriage and they will suffer more than suffering! Oh, Lord if not for genotype incompatibility I should be his bride today! God, I’m seriously hurting!

Uche (bride’s ex): this hot cold babe is getting married at last. She’s got hot body but won’t allow me research her, way back in school. How can a woman with stone-cold mind and stone age mentality have very hot body? Bad girl!


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