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Month: December 2016

Entertainment and more

Week 19 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Liverpool vs Man City is undoubtedly the biggest game of week 19. (Pic Source: Getty Images) We are exactly midway into the EPL and many factors impact games and affect the behaviours of players on the pitch as well as…

Entertainment and more

Headies Award-Winning Nigerian Artistes Kissed 2016 Bye-Bye With Laurels.

Wizkid of Star boy won the artiste of the year at 2016 Headies. Headies is Nigerian version of Grammys. These artistes said bye-bye to the very eventful year 2016 kissing their plaques! (more pics and info if you process)

Entertainment and more

Originality is Creativity.

‘Eti Keta’ (Third party) produced by Saheed Balogun. Eti Keta is no more news but it remains unique and original because it’s the first of its kind. It’s a movie where all the characters adorn ankara fabrics! What an innovation!…

Entertainment and more

Nigeria’s Population Put at 193,392,517.

Nigerians are lovely, lively people. Pic source: elifeonline.net National Population Commission (NPC) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) have put the current figure of Nigeria’s population at 193,392,517 It will be recalled that the national population census was last…

Entertainment and more Relationships

When Gift Becomes Beef!

Women after all pursue, woo and try to win  something, yeah the teddy-bear! (Pic source: social media) The hug you don’t give him you release 100 per cent free to his teddy-bear right there in his presence! You guys met…


Gender-based Variables in Marriage.

Friendship and partnership will sail the ship of your union without capsizing. (Pic Source: social media) Trust is breakfast for wives while understanding is dinner for husbands. For you to enjoy your marriage as a housewife you need to trust…


The Bethel Njokus.

Kemen and Bethel Njoku. Kemen is the adorable wife of Nigerian stand-up comedian whose stage name is Senator. They were acquaintances as kids. Kemen was the younger sister of Bethel’s classmate, a French graduate while her hubby Senator studied Theatre…

Entertainment and more

‘The 8 Faces of Kate.’

Inviting looks manufactured by Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw. This is Kate that you can’t hate even if you try to date perhaps she’s your mate but more famous and successful. Kate was born July 19 1971 (age 45) in Cross-river…

Entertainment and more

Managing Fame as Celebs.

Nollywood top actress Chioma Akpotha. Entertainment celebs live, wine and dine in the heart of the public yet some of them have successfully managed fame so much so that their private lives usually outsmart public lens. I respect the space…

Entertainment and more

The Typical American Lifestyle.

Americans love and celebrate America. (Pic source: williampeaceblog.com) If you’re not proud of what belongs to you then you’re ashamed of yourself and people who don’t value what they have are not valued for whom they are! A typical American…

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