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Social Media Drama (SMD).

coupleShe’s fed up and taking the battle to social media.

Mr. Koledoye Popoola was sacked at his place of work though his former company was owing him they couldn’t pay up so he became jobless and penniless.

Many women respect their husbands because of the tenants (AKA money) in their pockets and peradventure such tenants pack out and move on then the respect their wives accord them packs out as well. How bad!

When everything was fine with Koledoye he opened a big supermarket and boutique for his wife, Yemisi but when things got bad and became worse his wife became the breadwinner and was threatening fire and brimstone. In fact she started denying him sex, food, and respect that men cherish so much.

Koledoye usually reminds her that she had forgotten that he used his own money to establish the boutique and supermarket but Yemisi would fire back by saying the money he invested in her business had gone down the drain and it was the profit she made overtime that kept the business from dieing and not his seed capital! What a theory!

About 3 hours after having a hot argument with her husband Yemisi updated her whatsapp: No food for lazy man; no sex for penniless man.

Her husband accessed the information, felt bad and bitter but countered by updating his: A woman that can’t feed her husband on the dinning table and inner room is selfish, stingy and lazy and do not deserve a home and marriage!


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