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The Ups and Downs of Harmattan!

harmattanGood or bad harmattan is here.

The season is here though no harmattan in Manhattan, Nigerians and Africans know what I’m saying!

Cold, cold and cold and sometimes cold with an admixture of heat. Dusty wind here and there! Now who can extract the sleeping pills archived in harmattan?

Even your late-night coffee may not be an insurance against sleep! Students (especially those who have exams), journalists with deadlines, workers with promotion interviews, job applicants with job interviews … be careful for you could be doing more of sleeping than reading or writiting.

Dust is everywhere so brown shoes smile big this season!

The season of flights cancellation – no thanks to low visibility!

Your clothes dry in minutes even denim – you can now wash your jeans at 8am and put on few hours later!

Now be careful because of the ‘sleeping pills’ in the air which we inhale (not ingest) so sleep snatches us into her kingdom and palace without alerting us. So watch it!

If you’re alone (even with someone around) make sure you don’t ensconce on your couch in the living room while cooking in the kitchen, switch off your electric and gas cookers, boiling rings … before lieing on your bed for you might be thinking of resting but before you say Jack let alone Robinson you’re sleeping in fact snoring!

Everything and everywhere is dry so be careful for fire could be lurking in the corner!

Are you ready for the season? So have you got your lip gloss, sunglasses, head warmer, sweater, hot water bag …?

Because I can feel harmattan I can perceive Christmas!



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