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Dad-Daughter Issues!

Nollywood actor Tony Umez proudly shared this lovely pic of him with his adorable daughter on social media.

An ideal African man may not complain if all his children are males but many will turn to factory manufacturing complaints in dozens of cartons if all their children are females.

Many feel female children would someday say good bye to their home as well as name, and fame in consequence.

Many, especially Casanovas dread men exploring and exploiting their daughters because they knew what they did to other men’s daughters. They therefore distance men from their daughters with passion. Responsible dads may do that anyway!

Music act Oritsefemi warned men to steer cleer of his daughter sometime ago, what with baby mama and love children saga becoming the norm.

However, if you’re your daughter’s good friend and confidante she won’t hide delicate things from you and besides she would desire her dad’s bliss and peace and would therefore distance herself from what would tarnish her image and family as well as break the bond between her and her dad. So dads in the end may not have business with boys, men but their daughters!

Dads, (at the outset) sometimes bully their daughters’ boyfriends but later sell the bull in them and sheath their swords unlike many women who keep engaging their daughters in-law in cold war.

Some insensitive men love and pamper their daughter so much, yet neglect their wives to the extent that they become envious and detest father-daughter relationship. Such women might begin to see their daughters as rivals and not babies.

Now who says daughters don’t resemble their dads physically? Many times they do even more than their mum! One of my nieces looks like the twin-sister (younger version) of her dad. Aliko Dangote and his daughter Halima comes expressly to mind same with Tony Umez and his daughter and the like.

Fuji star Pasuma with daughter Wasilat having selfies-time (alabamauncutblog)

Dads who love and pamper their wives are simply telling their daughters that men are wonderful and as such indispensable to them.

Pasuma bought her daughter, Wasilat a brand new car to celebrate her birthday and that’s love and affection at its peak.

Take good care of your wife and daughters and your daughter would have healthy relationship with men later in life.

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