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The Culture of Nature.

Nollywood A-lister Rita Dominic.

Rita without makeup is sweet naturally and after the miner(s) called makeup artist(s) had worked on her she came out sparkling, her resources refined and enhanced.

The culture of nature highlights the fact that nature is beautiful because God is perfect. He gave us peace and bliss free-of-charge. If you feel good inside, believe me it will reflect on the outside and gratitude is the password to feeling good all ways, always!

Research is reviewing what someone somewhere had done in time past or an extension of what wasn’t done!

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By expansion makeup artistry is enhancing what providence (God) had engineered, similar to refining crude oil or gold.

God has blessed us with brains and intelligence and studying is enhancing and refining the resources stocked in our brains! Experience. Expertise.

Illiteracy is nature at its crude state so refining the brains through learning make us lettered! Makeup is enhancing, not abusing the perfect work of God.

Media personality Toke Makinwa.

We can see the raw beauty better still Cinderella beauty (left image) of Toke juxtaposed with her out-of-studio beauty (right image)Nigerian singer-songwriter and performing artiste, Yemi Alade. (Pics source : cosmopolitan.com/ng)

Yemi Alade’s natural face (right) juxtaposed with her makeup face (left).

Every woman is a makeup artists but there are professional makeup artists just as any Yemi could match-make any Femi with Kemi but of course there are professional matchmakers!

Smiles are not for sale in the market, they are sweet and save and of course they add first-class beauty to our faces can you now see that God is perfect at being perfect!

Love your brand! Gratitude all the way!



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