Versatility Describes Alex Usifo.

Nollywood actor Alex Usifo. (

I’ve been watching Alex on TV as a young boy and till date he’s still very relevant as a person, thanks to his never-say-never attitude.
He’s got this legendary voice yeah baritone which reverberates anytime he speaks.
(more pics and info if you process)

Alex Usifo had a diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos but didn’t stop there for years later he accessed Ambrose Alli University (AAU) Ekpoma and earned his degree in Mass Communication.

Alex was and is motivated by challenges … he proceeded to Babcock University for his Masters and Ph.D in Social Works.

Alex is now a PhD holder from Babcock University. He loves research and learning with passion.

You’re a big inspiration to Nigerian youths and all demographic groups. We celebrate you and wish you success, exploits in the academia and in your other pursuits.

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