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Tips for a Successful Week.

Success is sweet, enjoy this week and beyond. (Pic source: shutterstock)

Document your goals for the week – perhaps you’re gunning after a contract, job, partnership, promotion, election ….

Opportunities are everywhere but many times we expect to see them in form of brides on their wedding day, Santa at Christmas ….

What you see and feel is negative could be very positive and loaded with loads and tons of good things. Lateral thinking.

A cleric while preaching in church some years back said Goliath was too big to fight and conquer as perceived by many but too big so the propensity of missing his target was small as perceived by David.

I pondered, ruminated and analyzed the idea later that day and got inspired. Now opportunity and adversity are neighbours, in fact Siamese twins so be conscious, open your mind to ideas! Opposition or competition in your business or career should make you smile not lament or regret.

Be smart. Be creative!

What is it that is making you cry, depressed, sober if you look at the situation, circumstance with objective and analytical mind you may discover something or some things so beautiful and wonderful about it.

Now don’t stop dreaming but stay awake to transform your vision to fruition.

We are

Successful week to you all!



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