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ISSUE: Dear Yemi,

I met a lady, a corps member (Funmi 1: Funmilayo) sometime ago and I liked her so I proposed friendship with the hope of dating her but she decided to play hide-and-seek and was running and hiding but you can’t assess someone you can’t access so the affection though intact wasn’t growing in fact it became stagnant like puddle … so she couldn’t cuddle my heart nor fondle my feelings.

I met another lady also a corps member but serving in another state (Funmi 2: Funmilade) and it was the same old story but along the line I discovered Funmilayo and Funmilade were good friends, what a coincidence!

Months (maybe a year-plus later) I met a lady (Funmilola) in Law School but we lost contact and communication but months down the line we re-established same and I found her very interesting, our intimacy super, the friendship superb and we were getting on well as it were and I was about expressing my love to her when a friend told me she was a mutual friend to ‘my’ initial two Funmis.

I didn’t believe at first until I saw a picture on social media showing four or five ladies and amongst them are the three Funmis  – meaning they were good friends.

Meanwhile the third lady (Funmilola) seemed to have withdrawn once more and contacting her was big issue. Your advice is urgently needed.

 – Tunji.


Funmi, s-o-r-r-y Tunji this is simply a chapter from a romance-themed novel!

The issue at stake is big yet small. Now in so far as you’ve not started dating the first two ladies not even the third you’re not disobeying any law of the land, not an offender nor a culprit to Cupid.

I could bet your grandma, mum maybe sister was Funmi, including your neighbour and niece.Scratch that please.

Mr. lover boy, I hope science wasn’t missing in your piece of information, better still I hope you were honest with the piece of information? Nevertheless I’ll attend to the issue as a literal reviewer though there could be more to it than meets the eye.

It’s not on record that you said ‘I love you,’ to anyone of them and such responded ‘I love you too,’ and you never went out on a date with anyone of them though you’d have done that if they were available but because they hid and expected you to sought … then you’re as free as the bird in the sky.

Now know and note this – if you finally end up dating and perhaps marrying one of them and the other two want to be mischievous then they might say you dated three friends and again regardless of the fact that you never went out with the other two their friendship may not be cordial again to be mild.

It was love in the womb that unfortunately experienced spontaneous abortion.

Now you said the third withdrew but you never found out why? Perhaps she took ill, lost her phone … maybe she wanted you to pursue her as well and the like … hey it’s not a crime to ask after her welfare.

As an adult the final decision is in your hands but the vacuum right now could translate to big opportunity for you to find a neutral person and I hope that person doesn’t end up being another Funmi this time Funmilomo and another member of the clique of friends on espionage mission, notoriously but innocently ‘disturbing and tormenting’ your heart.

All names had been changed!

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