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Corporal Punishment or Not!

Mild corporal punishment is medicine for troublesome kids. (Pic source: shutterstock.com)

The issue of corporal punishment is topical and highly debatable with intimidating loyalists as well as antagonists. Some cultures frown at corporal punishment but that doesn’t mean every person or family in that clime detest the practise.

However if you must incorporate it as a tool of correction use mildly and let your mouth do more of training (talking version) than the cane (beating version).

Raising, nurturing and molding your children into responsible adults isn’t child’s play. You can be positive role models to your children without beating but you can’t be one without instructing them.

Tutoring and training your children and ward could be implemented using diverse tools including flogging but don’t beat them to the extent that you would need to take pain-killer or recommend same for your children and don’t let it get to a stage whereby neighbours would start knocking on your door to plead on their behalf. Mild. Quick. Simple.

Use this mode of punishment once in a while with lessons and instructions attached.

Some parents flog but not all their children because some are naturally obedient while some are relatively troublesome and such may need to be given some strokes of the cane. Therefore it’s different strokes for different folks.

Instil discipline into your children from childhood and the positive virtues will grow with them into adulthood!


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