Affection Span on the Spotlight (II)

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The Versions:

Some people have short pre-dating affection span and some experience marital short affection span. A lady notorious for playing hard-to-get but not smart enough to make herself a bestseller while the waiting lasts may never walk down the aisle with a man who is prone to pre-dating short affection span. Challenges are motivating when they are interesting and feasible or realizable.

Those who have this mode of affection span get pissed off easily and many are very civilized so it’s possible that they see relationship as win-win and as such they don’t have to pester, cajole, coax maybe intrude or impose themselves on you as a woman. Some feel if you reject them for sometime then overtime they would turn to nuisance so it’s better to leave honourably.

By extension some have very high self-esteem and there’s a limit to the insult and embarrassment they can bear. Conversely some have low self-esteem and conclude they are not man enough that’s why the lady is rejecting them so they don’t pester but instead peter out. On the surface it looks like short affection span but in reality it’s low self-esteem!

To those who belong to the other school – marital short affection span, they get bored easily. Now seeing the same woman, having sex the same way, eating the same type of food on the same table … drives them overboard. However if such a man has a wife that’s very interesting, eclectic, adventurous … they may end up staying married for life but if such unfortunately marries a woman that’s insensitive, dirty, overbearing and aggressive then it’s good riddance to bad rubbish!

Who says women don’t have short affection span too, of course they do but not so pronounced. Even those who do prefer to stay married but may fantasize, some could stay in their marriage but into extra-marital affairs and some may seek outright divorce particularly if the man is boring and overbearing.

Some stay because of their children and weather the storm while some don’t want to break the age long tradition of their family and so they stayed married – smiling but suffering.

In rounding off a man who’s got that kind of wife needs to be romantic, creative, eclectic, interesting, entertaining and the like.

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