Social Media Drama (SMD).

Internet and Social Media made our world smaller than Mustard seed. (Pic source: Linekdin)

If you interacted with someone of recent and the person updates his social media or upload a DP, on a good day you’re likely to infer that such was referring to you but many times they are not.

Moutinho could have someone in particular in mind and the person might fully comprehend the message but many others would assume and infer that the missile was sent to them.

Moutinho updated his status:

Lalana may sounds like banana and appears they are mates but the former is the farmer, boss and lord and banana is his meal.

Now Moutinho sent the missile to Coutinho, his employee and of course Coutinho understands. They had had misunderstanding earlier in the day.

Now Mourinho was Moutinho’s neighbour and people say they look alike but Moutinho was quick to correct people that he didn’t look like Mourinho because he was older therefore people should say, Mourinho looks like Moutinho and not the reverse.

Yeah Mourinho got the message and felt his look-alike was trying to insult him! He felt bad and when he saw him that weekend he didn’t greet him much less talk about the EPL and likelihood of Chelsea winning the silverware.

Nine other people with close contacts with Moutinho thought and felt he was referring to them as well and interpreted the message from their own perspective just as Mourinho did in his own context.

Lucy updated her Whatsapp, “Food that’s delicious crucified money; bed that’s available and sweet did the same!” Lucy refused her hubby, Brian in bed last night because he couldn’t give her money to take to the market and was trying to drop a clue. Of course Brian got the message hook, line and sinker.

Lucy was flirtatious with Adrian her colleague in the office so when the latter accessed the information he felt Lucy was telling him that he could have her if he’s ready to spend on her.

The next day he gave her $5,000 and Lucy received the gift and prepared a lovely dinner for her family. Of course Brian enjoyed the meal and said, “The woman that used her money to prepare sumptuous meal of course will get it back and also deserves breakfast in bed this weekend,” and they both chorused mischievous laughter.

The next day Adrian planted a deep kiss on Lucy’s lips. Lucy was embarrassed to say the least and voiced assertively, “Adrian we’re good friends and colleagues don’t soil that … that was your first, now let it be your last, I’m married, in fact happily, gladly and passionately married. Don’t e-v-e-r try such again!”

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