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Passionately Desperate Mode.

‘Desperate,’ describes survival-mode laced with hopelessness. (Pic source: socialchumbak.com)

A man who presents his wife for ‘trade by barter’ deal is already and unfortunately in red-alert survival mode; alas his brains had stepped on banana peel and gone bananas.

We all have diverse needs in life but some needs are like our heartbeats – the beat of life and they are (air, food, water and sleep) and as such very essential and other needs rest maybe grow out from them. Abraham Maslow labeled them physiological needs.

Incidentally Abraham Maslow profiles them in the foundation of his Hierarchy of Needs (a theory in Psychology et al) which was arranged in form of a pyramid with diverse variables at different levels.

He theorized that the lower needs must be met first before we start thinking or striving for higher needs and this is true many times. However some theorists have criticized his idea and advanced theirs but theirs have blemishes as well, that’s why they are theories (not laws) anyway.

The needs are – physiological, safety, love/belonging, self-esteem and finally self-actualization. Now if a man is hungry his needs had dropped to basic which is fundamental and the foundation, now if he’s starving he may not have the needs to preserve his safety and may steal … just to pacify his soul and keep her from divorcing or leaving his home. The alarm of someone who is starving is screaming survival is first and best.

He knows that stealing is big risk and a threat to his safety but a bigger threat is dying of starvation; he may therefore forego upper variables to observe and preserve his lower needs which are fundamental needs. We’re not supporting or endorsing crime here, as a matter of fact instead of stealing such should beg for food which is more honourable and believe me many humans are actually angels and would respond to his needs, even a criminal may offer a helping hand in this context and if the person in need now goes begging the second time he may now try to conscript him into his ‘army.’

Yeah I support the dictum that says no hard and fast in life. Now in order to survive a man may let go his love/belonging as well as self-esteem needs which are even higher up the pyramid unlike safety which is neighbour to physiological needs.

In an article published on this site two days ago I x-rayed the fact that no one wants to share his spouse with another but no hard and fast rule in life and in the light of this a starving man may actually tell his wife in fact take to the house of the man who promised to give her some money but only after sleeping with her.

In another context a man may allow his wife sleep with a man who promised to give her husband job or maybe employ her. Now tell me why corruption won’t thrive in the land plagued by poverty. Corruption breeds poverty; poverty brews corruption and the vicious cycle keeps flourishing. The rich are corrupt to safeguard themselves and families from poverty, the poor are corrupt to stay alive.

Poverty kills our morals, values, ethics … now do you believe that a hungry man is a potential criminal, a walking corruption …?

Above all diligence and patience are role-models you should look up to and there are better alternatives to every challenge in life.


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