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Proposal vs Disposal.

Achievement in love is fulfilment in life. (Pic source: yourtango.com)

Many times in life we’ve had our way and many times we never did but having our way doesn’t mean we embraced success, happiness and fulfillment and not having our way didn’t mean we never smiled at the end of the road.

You nearly committed suicide because your dream man left you; perhaps life became miserable because your queen left your ‘palace’ before your coronation. I don’t know your experience in life but what was the result of that wonderful or horrible experience?

Man proposes and God disposes so peruse this scale and tick yes or no.

Did you marry the person you would have loved to marry?

Did you study your dream course in college?

Did you attend your favourite college?               

Are you working your dream job?

Are you living in your favourite city or country?

That apartment accommodating you does it befit your status?

That friend you claim was your best back in the day is (s)he still your best?

Perhaps your ideal self should be landlord of many properties but you’re still hole-up in one-room apartment?

Life is a lesson and what you desire now you could detest later and what you like now you might later dislike.

In rounding off did you smile or frown where you had your way in love and life and conversely did you frown or smile where you didn’t?

Above all (while you have breath) you’ve got diverse opportunities to turn your bad situations to good and good to better and finally, better to best!



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