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Diverse Shades of Misunderstandings.

Motorists exhibit diverse behaviours on the highway. (Pic source: Vanguard)

Highway Misunderstandings:

Deji Agboola wanted to drive to the main road from his residential street and to have his way he had to beg other motorists  but none acquiesced except Jide Adeagbo, a man riding a Landcruiser jeep.

Deji finally accessed the main road and waved to Jide. 2 minutes later another driver wanted to drive to the main road but Deji feeling that he might delay his initial helper (should he stop and allow another driver to access the road) decided to keep driving. Now Jide told his wife who was besides him, “Humans could be very selfish, see the man I just helped refusing to help another motorist who was in the same shoes he was formerly in!”

His wife smiled, advertising her snow-white dentition and gap-tooth in the process and finally found her voice, “Humans are ingrates, they forget your good the next second but remember your bad billions of seconds later!”

Hmmm misunderstanding.

Okada gba joba –

Bode Akinjide was caught up in a gridlock but the traffic was triggered by commercial bikes and his speed lost weight and found succour in snail-speed. He had to reduce his speed to avoid hitting the riders and passengers.

Hey another motorist Debo Akindele was so much in a hurry for he was late for work and was fruitlessly trying to overtake Bode. At a T-junction the bikes took different routes and subsequently reduced so Bode accelerated but it coincided with the time Debo wanted to overtake him.

Bode had obviously increased his speed for he felt he was delaying Debo but Debo thought Bode was trying to prevent him from overtaking him and consequently spat out, “Your Tokunbo Toyota isn’t fit for car race, you’ll soon get it hospitalized at the mechanic workshop!”

Bode knew the missile was sent to him but didn’t hear what the accuser had said.

In Relationships:

Tope was a corps member and typical Lagos boy serving in Ogun State. He was trying to date Omolara (aka Oyinbo Alaso), a fair (oyinbo) and pretty village girl who sells fabrics (aso)

Now Tope usually checks Omolara in the mornings and evenings and incidentally those are the times the latter goes to fetch water. So, many times that he goes to check on Omolara her sister, Shade says, “O’lodo!” the literal meaning of which is she’s gone to the river but there was no river in the vicinity so Tope felt Shade disliked him and detests their budding relationship but O’lodo in this context means she’s gone to the well to fetch water! 


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