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‘ The Good Husband.’

If your bliss is your husband’s bile and your bile his bliss then there’s big fire on the mountain. (Pic source: boldsky.com)

Mr. Aromalaran was a businessman who was unusually competitive and combative and bent on making his wife (an architect with Masters Degree) irrelevant in society. He brainwashed her and prevented her from working with the excuse that he wanted her to remain a queen and model in addition to giving their children the best of education and training.

“Baby, you’re too beautiful to be slaving and saying ‘Yes Sir’ to one small boss who can’t even qualify to be my PA … I can’t punish or put you under undue pressures or temptations because of peanuts not even for proceeds from all the peas and nuts of this world talk of kolanut, coconuts and groundnuts. And besides a diabolical boss may snatch you from me and believe me the next day my blood pressure will climb to the peak of Mount Everest and stay there for life when it’s not a Gunner. So please Beauty Queen don’t give your hubby and hobby heart disease!” He voiced assertively one cool December evening.

After 10 years of staying at home, lying fallow and decaying Architect Aromolaran brought up the idea of opening a boutique for men. The store would stock men’s wears particularly bespoke suits and she will have minimum of two sales girls so she would have enough time to take care of herself, family and home but her husband bluntly refused.

However his in laws threatened to take their daughter away so he had no choice but accept nonetheless he brought up the idea of fabrics in lieu of men’s wears. He didn’t trust himself so he never trusted his wife and wanted to limit her accessibility to men.

She demanded #5m which he could afford but he finally released #1m but not before it became news to all that he was giving his wife money to start business.

He always say that he loved his wife dearly and doesn’t want her to be stressed and that’s why he wanted her to just take care of the home, watch home videos, soaps, musicals, listen to news, go shopping, sleep, rest, go jogging in the mornings, see movies at weekends and enjoy her life to the peak.

“Why am I working if I can’t take good care of my wife and allow her take good care of my kids and home? She’s a queen, model, angel and princess, a pearl to be worshipped so why should I allow her to be slaving in one backyard company? I always give her monthly allowance that she can’t make in 2 years, vacations abroad, money for shopping …!” He releases the information at will to any available audience – friends, family, relatives, neighbours, associates … like songs from the stable of Adekunle Gold of YBNL.

But how much was he giving her? Just #30,000 which wasn’t even consistent yet people feel she was giving her nothing less than #2m monthly.

Mr. Aromolaran released but later received the #1m. But how? He stole the money a day later and made it appear like a burglary-crime and even reported to the police. Many invitations and interrogations but none was apprehended in the end, how pathetic!

In rounding off, to the world Mr. Aromolaran was fragrance for he was a caring husband but to God he stinks worse than skunk!


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