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The Feminine Pride.

Men are nature’s hunter in Intimate relationships but the hunter could be the ‘hunted.’  (girlsallaround.com)

There are two hybrids of pride for pride (at times) could be male or female. Female pride is one version and male another.

Let me dissect the female pride in this article.

An ideal woman will put a typical man in love suspense if he pursues her … and ever conscious of the torture, torment and punishment he goes through before she finally accepts and endorses his love.  

She knows she’s highly essential, pretty important, a pearl of inestimable worth and value, little wonder you sent many text messages you never sent to your mum, made numerous calls you never attempted with your boss, sacrificed your money, time, sleep and energy.

You took many risks to woo and win her heart; perhaps her family and friends even boo and treated you like you escaped from the zoo and all these jointly sowed and nurtured feminine pride in her and since pride has life it will continue to breathe, grow and blossom.

She believes you’re her student in fact interviewee while she your interviewer so she’s always right and you’re always wrong!

Finally she might feel that because she chose you, she had said bye-bye to many promising men who could be richer, smarter, taller, more handsome, humorous, intelligent, more compatible therefore you must pay the prize by being loyal, faithful, respectful, resourceful … extraordinarily caring, loving … therefore when you have misunderstandings ideally she expects you to apologize first, if you have a date say 2pm she expects you to get to the venue at 1pm and nag yourself for coming ‘late’ while patiently waiting for her like you would for a contract-interview  that will fetch you a profit of nothing less than #200 million.

When she finally arrives at 3pm, your heart should scream “Hallelujah!” for she feels that granting you audience by turning out for the date is big privilege so you must appreciate her for coming maybe even thank her for coming late because she left someone, something or some things to be with you … alas! I pity men!  

If you call her and she misses your call 10 times in a row yeah it’s normal; peradventure she calls and you missed 3 times query is inevitably waiting for you. The pride also expresses itself when you introduce her to friends, neighbours, family, relatives …

You voiced to your best friend, “Akin, meet my sweetheart!” She might mask her face with big frown and correct you immediately, “Sweetheart? Please don’t mind him he’s the Nigeria’s version of comedian Trevor Noah! I’m just his friend!” Meanwhile joy and bliss are dancing and partying in her heart!  

However, months or years into your relationship some pride will grow wings and fly away while some would remain and stay with her forever – those are the ones that find expression in marriage.  

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