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The Male Pride.

African man instructing his woman (social media)

An ideal Laja and Lanre are adventurous in love as well as life, so being promiscuous is an element of the adventurous nature of men.

However some women have the potentials to make a man faithful by virtue of their attitudes and men in their lives under conviction (not compulsion) give themselves orientation by learning the culture of faithfulness and loyalty.

Men subconsciously believe they own life as such love therefore they have the license to date as many women as possible whether as single or married. Don’t forget he believes that many women in his life x-rays the fact that he’s a m-a-n! Power. Influence. Affluence.

Men are usually better-off financially and he who commands money is the king, same way women feel he who has body owns all, owes none in fact, men are indebted to her so the universe should give her accolades and ovation.

Bodies belong to Women and so they have password to sex and he who controls sex is more or less a ‘dictator’ and could control men and resources.

Now men know that God gave them the mantle and mandate of leadership and as a leader they should be respected, appreciated and idolized. That’s why an ideal man detests women who are magisterial and often run away from women who are richer or more successful. Now this is not because they have phobia for such women but the consequences of that state and status – usurping their leadership roles from them and calling the shots!

If you’re rich as a woman yeah richer than your partner – boyfriend, fiancé or husband yet giving him the respect he deserves and treating him like a king in public and private and he feels you won’t change tomorrow then believe me he won’t have phobia nor goose bumps for your success, though he could be more hard working and productive  to measure up and possibly boost his own ego.

Conversely, (as a woman) if your partner is richer, more famous or successful but perceives you as dictator or potential ruler who would control his life at will he would jet out of your life without first going to the airport.

Be that as it may, the male pride is sourced from the fact that he’s the leader and as a leader he feels you must carry out his instructions to the letter even if he doesn’t deserve to lead.

He feels he’s going to pay your dowry (bride price), be your husband, change your status from single to married, transform you from a ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs,’ relocate you into his home … where he takes care of you by meeting your needs, may be he’s done and doing that already if you’re married.

He feels as the president or president-elect of his home he’s got every right to know how much you earn at the end of every month if you’re a career woman and how much you make if you’re into business though he might not disclose his to you.

He might tell you not to work at all and not feel remorse about it even if you’re leading a hand-to-mouth lifestyle. He’s an ‘Army General’ that you don’t chastise, nag or castigate but he’s got the permit to tongue-lash you (with horsewhip that’s armed with 7 teeth) even in public and still come and ‘enter the place’ at night without thinking of the possibility of meeting at least one bouncer at the gate.

Hey don’t forget there are many bouncers but depending on the context and the attitude of the woman in question, let’s access some of the bouncers – 1. I’ve headache! 2. I’m tired! 3. Yeast has staged a coup and taken over power completely in me, so Mr. Employer please tell your employee to steer clear till further notice, yeah that serves you right! 4. Leave me ALONE! 5. Useless man, he wants to add more wahala to my palaver! 6. I don’t have your time! 7. I’d rather sleep with the gate-man than sleep with you tonight! 8. Shameless man so you can come to me in private to source pleasure after tearing me to pieces in public and cooking me in pressure-cooker….

In rounding off, remember marriage thrives and flourish on the soil of humility and at times unreasonable pride could be stupidity therefore be humble and humane in love and life.




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