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Perhaps his phone was ‘Miss World’ back in the day. (Pic source: bonus.cfs.solutions.eu)

I often imagine how people coped decades gone by (40, 50 years or more) in terms of love and life which includes business, education, governance … and I strongly believe adults then would have imagined how people of past decades coped.

I know for sure that the ideal Folorunsho Omotosho in Ogbomoso (Southwest Nigeria) who first bought Nokia 3310 in town many decades ago would have felt, “Yeah I’ve arrived, girls must gel!” and some gals might have truly let down their guards after all the phone was a status symbol as at then. Where’s Nokia 3310 today, Jumoke? Her friend Funke says, “Probably in the museum!”

Daddy (my uncle) used to talk about his experience when he travelled to the US from Nigeria by sea, many decades ago and I find very interesting. Though he’s been plying the route for decades now but via air and I’m sure he knows the big difference between sea and air trips but as an adventurous person traveling by sea isn’t obsolete to me. 

Now if you had accessed black-and-white TV you will perceive the entertainment and enjoyment as dull but it was big deal then.

80, 100 … years from now perhaps people might see our lives now as dull and dry, so I pause to think about the contraptions that would be trending then. Perhaps learning how to drive then may have expired because cars might actually be doing the driving. You may no longer have to carry phones around …..

Now the illiterate of our contemporary world isn’t one who can’t read and write but one who can’t unlearn and relearn – don’t let the world leave you behind.


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