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Calls and Callers.

Calls come from people and many times we treat calls based on how we perceive the callers short or long-term. (Pic source: social media)

At home:

call from boss at 6am on Sunday is taboo and you ‘boo’ him with big frown on your face.

At the office:

call from hubby at 12pm on Monday is romance if love and bliss wine and dine in your hearts and home!

The Reverse

Call from boss at 6am on Sunday is bliss if lust (extramarital affair) is on vacation in your hearts.

Call from hubby at 12pm on Monday is bile in multiple folds if hell is president of your home.

Your boss pays you but doesn’t own you; your spouse doesn’t pay you but owns you that’s why calls from our partners are welcome 24/7 though we may ignore in some cases … but (ideally) when their calls are not appreciated then there is an unresolved issue.


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