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A Dad’s Advice to his Son (IV)

The President of Nigeria Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) with his son Yusuf (behind).

…. I was promiscuous as a young man but I later changed for the better when I met your mum, in fact I never knew I was going to marry her. Now as pretty as she is did you know that I have 5 girls prettier and hence on top of her on my relationship table?

But now she’s the prettiest amongst them all because her heart was the most beautiful of the pack.

If I’d married one of the five perhaps I would have died a long time ago, I’m sure I won’t have achieved all these and obviously I won’t have had you and your siblings after all you’re the product of your mum and I. Your mum was (is) beautiful but her heart was (is) wonderful.

You’re likely to have many potential wives, paraphrased you’ll have many opportunities, possibilities because the first woman you meet would likely piss you off and in an attempt to reduce the stress, maybe save time and resources or even get even with her you’ll meet many other women and you may likely experience road block and so it will be merry-go-round.

Learn patience and tolerance but don’t be vulnerable to the whims and caprices of women. I want you to stay with just one woman if possible but to achieve that hide your feelings, don’t be passionate about her. Slow and steady wins the race so stay calm and she’ll gradually worm her way into your heart. Friendship.

Know who and what you want to be in life and that will enable you know the type of woman you will date and possibly marry. Love and cherish yourself first and you will seamlessly release and receive same from your partner.

You might meet a woman who played hard-to-get for one year and expect you to propose marriage to her a month after you you start dating; she’s been studying and researching you all the while she was tough and rough and many times women don’t date whom they can’t marry but this isn’t applicable to men. Many men date women just to chop and clean mouth.

Now when Bimbo was saying no to a man (Bambo) Sumbo could be saying yes by showing him the green light meanwhile Bimbo being a coconut that would never release its juice until broken, had exposed Bambo to many women perhaps many (like orange) who would release their juice once squeezed so by the time Bimbo wants to give Bambo a chance the latter already has many options and this will later haunt Bimbo because Bambo having options, would take time to commit to one woman and one relationship and this often cause delay in proposal.

Though many men delay proposal because they believe they have opportunities and a better, prettier woman could emerge someday.

I don’t want baby mama or love child nomenclature attached to your name or any of your siblings. I don’t know much about your sexuality but that doesn’t stop me from guiding you.

Sex is pleasurable but sex is sex and pleasure is pleasure. You get pleasure from one woman and for men who have harem of women they source pleasure no more, no less. I slept with many women back in the day but its vanity, waste of energy, time and resources. HIV/AIDS and other STIs, baby mamas are marauding now unlike in our days so be c-a-r-e-f-u-l.

I’d a girl then I call her touch-me-not because the moment I touch her she begins to dance and shake all over even before I touch her proper; I’d another whom I labeled log this one is Miss Wood and many times I need to open my eyes to assess her to know if she was on earth or at heavens gate, already pressing the bell because she was always ‘lifeless’ and many times I wonder what was going on in her mind.

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