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Strip-Dancing and Strip Clubs Phenomena.

Club smart, clean and nice if you must club. (Pic source: social media)

Strip-Dancing and Strip Clubs Phenomena are pervasively gaining grounds and trending in our clime and very alarming.

Life is overly ironic and utterly interesting. Everyday people are quick to voice, “Do you know me? Do you know the man standing in front of you? I’ll deal with you!” Perhaps their cars had kissed each other on the highway and that kind of kissing makes the money in your bank accounts lose weight.

By extension educated and civilized people should be too enlightened to be at proximity with nudity let alone wining and dining with same.

Many years ago when I was planning to leave Lagos for Ibadan to pursue further studies so I had to make short but consistent visits to Ibadan; on this day I had to parcel my body and mind from Eko e re to Ibadan but decided (first and foremost) to enjoy nature so I moved closer to same. From mainland to island – Isolo to VI – just to embrace nature on one of the beaches on the Island.

While strolling and contemplating on the beach I saw a figure lying motionless on the bed of sand so my mind instructed my legs to move closer … lo and behold the man was lifeless. Alas!

I saw caked blood in his nostrils. He must have drowned. I was moved but I saw the humanity of an anonymous person and it registered in my mind. No item of clothing on the remains of the deceased but one Samaritan had covered his groin area with a piece of clothing maybe nylon, I can’t recollect vividly. Respect. Sanity. Sanctity. I went to Oshodi motor-park instead of Obalende to access Ibadan.

The trending news of strip clubs oh, very alarming and if someone could respect the private-remains of another it becomes heart-wrenching when the living display live their nudity with impunity. Women dancing naked in hotels, clubs … is height of inhumanity to man. Women are guilty same with their patrons – men!

If you feel advanced countries are doing that and no biggie. Please tell me who are the people (the social class) doing that over there? And again no race or clime has monopoly of civilization! America and Europe are nice climes but they are populated by humans and not angels and they have their challenges as well. The ghetto slang there is advanced English here! Hmmm!

Now Nigerian youths are complaining of marginalization in politics and governance yet many spend their time and resources ingloriously in fact, ignominiously!

A woman can strip-dance for her hubby, of course no sweat … a man can sleep with his wife … no wahala; if he forcefully sleeps with her perhaps small wahala but if he scales the fence into another woman’s garden that’s rape and hey law-court, sentence and prison are waiting at the bus stop.

Night clubbing isn’t an issue here but associated acts like drug use, sexual assault, drunk-driving, strip-dancing  … are big issues!


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