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Collage of Nigerian Cuisine (Sallah mode)

This combo is bad, no tongue will resist!

Events and festivals are entertainments for your mind, heart and tummy – talk of music, fashion and item 7 (menu).

Sallah is here and many kitchens will manufacture sumptuous meals thanks to women –  wives, daughters, mothers, sisters ….

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I know many connoisseurs and people who love travelling the world would love this edition.

Fried rice, jollof and salad (pictured above) make up a formidable team after all they don’t have social loafers in their organization.

I call the team, meal combo and their collabo will empty the sea into your tongue and you will salivate endlessly. And Goliath might be your malice (against the servers, well-wishers even celebrants) if the meal finished before it gets to your table at an owambe.

Many African-Americans don’t know jollof rice (the brown rice in the mix above) and believe me if I say it tastes very nice. You can be in America, Canada, Australia … and try cuisine of other lands after all your cooks and chef are a click away – Google, Youtube …. Ofada rice is native to Nigeria. It’s got awesome taste accompanied with wholesome feelings. To enjoy the meal like the natives you go ibile in other words use your hand but no crime committed if you opt for cutlery. Ram meat pepper soup. Pepper soup is the head office of spices and your tongue got to be street-wise and skilled and your mind tactful to negotiate her way in the broth but only IF you don’t fancy spices, like my humble self.Point and Kill: Cat fish pepper soup.

If it’s in a restaurant you’ll have the liberty to make your choice by pointing at the live cat fish you want and minutes later the fish will be right there on your plate but then you can also point and buy at the market and kill at home, either way, no sweat!Lafun is swallow peculiar to the Egbas (Yoruba ethnic group in Abeokuta) just as pounded yam knows virtually all Ekiti and Ijesha people (of South-west Nigeria) by name. (Pics source:lizsplanger)

Tuwo shinkafa with miyan kuka and ram meat. ( Pic source: laurafoods)

Tuwo is a staple from Northern Nigeria and particularly enjoyed by Hausas and Fulanis but you don’t have to be a Tanko Shinkafi to like tuwo shinkafa. I like tuwo shinkafa and relish same in delight.

Tuwo are of two versions – shinkafa (made from rice) and masara has maize background but I prefer shinkafa to masara.

Plenty of dishes to choose from this Sallah and you’re good to go, so enjoy!

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