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Day 1, Week 4 (2017-2018) EPL Fixtures and Analyses

Man City-Liverpool match is undoubtedly the biggest game of Week 4 of 2017-2018 season of the EPL (Photo credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Two variables would impact week 4 games of the EPL therefore these games are very unpredictable and there are bound to be upsets, many offenses, many mistakes and perhaps many goals.

Games are difficult to predict at the beginning of the season and after the international break.

Man City vs Liverpool: the Reds at Etihad.

Liverpool (under manager Jurgen Klopp) are challenged when they are combating big teams and the by-product of this variable is motivation after all it’s realizable – in other words they can beat even humiliate the big boys!

They embarrassed the Gunners about 2 weeks ago and the memory is still fresh in the mind of each individual player as well as the team. The Citizens are aware and this could motivate them but the reverse is possible as well. The Reds stripped 4 points from the Citizens last season. The partnership between Mohammed Sallah and Sadio Mane is formidable but if Coutinho won’t feature  today then his visible impact and some effects would be missing as well!

Both teams are wild in attack but their backyards are porous and may leak goals. If skipper Kompany will be available he’d have added his input and stabilized the defense, nonetheless the backdoor of City is work in progress and I see a formidable defense not far away.

The Reds  attack big when they combat big teams and many times they earn big points which is the 3 at stake.  Liverpool have a major strength (especially with big teams) which seems to be compensating for the loopholes in their backyard. Because they attack massively they ‘bully’ teams and such are intimidated to attack productively – sharply and correctly because of fear of killer punch, and that becomes their opponents undoing.

A very compact, concrete and confident big team would overpower, punish and even humiliate the Reds big time. The game looks like one that will profile many goals and the team that scored at the most appropriate time may grab the 3 points at stake.  

Man City win: 34% Liverpool win: 35%; Draw: 31%

Arsenal vs Bournemouth: the Cherries might be amongst teams that would fight relegation battle this season except the management and team dissect and diagnose the ills afflicting the team and proffer immediate and lasting intervention.

Be that as it may, Arsenal are late starters and are bleeding at the moment and Bournemouth are struggling big time. Arsenal might be big winners if they win today but would they win? In the past 14 days, if the Cherries had addressed the ills stopping them then their motivation will automatically peak so sharing of spoils is possible and even victory isn’t impossible. Arsenal win: 35%; Bournemouth win: 34%; Draw: 31%

Brighton & Hove Albion vs West Brom: the Seagulls have been doing poorly so far but in Rome there’s hope; the Baggies on the other hand have been quite brilliant so far but the Seagulls may prove in this game to be more than underdogs. Brighton win: 33% West Brom win: 33%; Draw: 34%

Everton vs Spurs: Rooney made news days back and I hope the effect of the incident won’t dampen his morale. Rooney vs Harry Kane – Rooney is a team-player anyday and his selflessness is a huge bonus so if he’s not in-form he’s less wasteful because he connects with players in best positions and when he’s in-form he fires and again hires. Harry Kane is most likely still warming-up and in times like this he needs to collect and connects more – this will help Spurs and Harry Kane a lot. Everton win: 30% Spurs win: 30% Draw: 40%

Leicester vs Chelsea: I perceive the Blues (Chelsea) having a field day except they sleep and snore in the 18-yard box! Chelsea will play after all it pays the Foxes to let their opponents play and they punish counter-attack wise but the Blues understand the rhythm as well. Leicester win: 30%; Chelsea win: 40%; Draw: 30%

Southampton vs Watford: Yeah thank God for this game, this pairing is like Liverpool vs Chelsea hmmmm, I’ll feel the pulse of both teams and should one win, it’s a big plus. AND again this game is highly unpredictable!

Stoke City vs Man United: the Potters, the slow starters vs the Red Devils, the early starters (last season and ongoing season combined)


The Potters are ready to soil the clean-sheet record of Man United, possibly share the spoils with their visitors and peradventure the Red Devils sleep or slip the Potters would want to steal and seal their victory.

Stoke City win: 35%; Man United win: 40%; Draw: 25%.


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