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‘When Miracles are Greeted with Nightmares.’

Your face and posture when you knew the attendant consequences of the good news at hand. (Pic source iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz)

Hey it was the end of the month and Dr. Raju’s wife, Megha was unusually friendly, caring, loving and understanding but he knew the whole gesture would soon expire, once his salary expires and it will expires in few weeks and alas it’d be back to square one! Arguments, bitterness ….

You’re likely to adopt the same posture and profile the same expression as the image pictured above, if The Power company in your country is a big disappointment and they suddenly restores power for a longer time and you knew the punishment was coming.

Igho had ignored the light for he felt the power company were beeping their bulbs just to let them know they were on their minds but 10 minutes later the light refused to divorce his bulb so he quickly connected his chargers to his phones and into his power outlets … his rechargeable radio, battery … got plugged in as well. Beans, yeah stones jumped on his electric stove in earnest at least the heat energy would fight and soften the beans before kerosene finally finishes her off, otherwise his kerosene would kill the beans and die as well.

But Igho never saw light beyond 3 hours in his neighbourhood but 10, 20 hours later his home remained powered … but he switched off his TV and begin to bear malice with his favourite soap.

But don’t blame him for he knew that he’d fast for at least 20 days for eating his meal for 20 hours, the same meal that ought to have disappeared from his plate in 20 minutes and so he begins to prepare to fast in advance.

He felt bad and bitter, little wonder he adopted the posture, expression of the man pictured above.



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